Demand Generation 2.0

Direct response advertising inside of a search engine is a compelling and very attractive channel for your business. Thousands of potential customers interact each day inside these engines. There, they ask questions about products and services. Smart marketers know how and where to effectively engage these potential customers inside these search engines. Red Bridge Media is an industry leader in effective search marketing. Here are a few details on how we do paid search for our clients.


Every successful campaign begins with a good strategy.  One hour of effective planning can save you countless hours and days later on.  We prefer not to spend hours trying to tone and optimize broken search campaigns. Rather, we believe in spending days and weeks prepping a paid search account. This time spent researching in the pre-launch phase gives our clients the desired competitive advantage over their competitors, and allows us to aggressively move you to a market leadership position.

Here is a sampling of the few activities that Red Bridge Media uses in account builds:

  • Keyword research: There are thousands of keywords inside of each industry. From high volume terms, misspellings, geo-specific terms, and long-tail keywords, Red Bridge Media is focused on finding any relevant keyword that pertains to your industry.
  • Grouping keywords into themes: What sets Red Bridge Media apart from the rest is the strategic placement of the thousands of keywords we generate. There is focused consideration on the keywords and how they represent where the consumer is at in the buying cycle. These tightly woven themes drive the varying types of messaging, content, and calls to action required of successful search campaigns.
  • Ad creatives: The ad copy needs to answer the questions to the different themes of keywords, present compelling value proposition, and drive consumers to visit the website. A typical keyword is paired to 3  different variations of ad copy, with each ad creative presenting a similar message, but from different angles.
  • Historical & competitive analysis: Understanding the industry is important to Red Bridge Media. Many hours will be spent researching keyword bids, value propositions, competitor campaigns, and industry information. Put together, this enables the campaigns to be current and relevant to all potential visitors.

Campaign launch:

After the search campaigns are put together, a strategic and focused effort is put in place to launch the campaigns. Red Bridge Media will strategically cast a wide net.

Here is our focus during a search marketing campaign launch

  • Strategic placement: Campaigns need to be launched in the most optimal engines possible. Red Bridge Media campaigns will have a defined roadmap for each engine, as defined by identified customer traits.
  • Defined metrics: Working with our clients, Red Bridge Media will define key performance indicators, including desired campaign budgets.
  • Cautious first days: As the campaigns are turned on, Red Bridge Media will start all campaigns with an exact match focus. This allows the campaigns to begin slowly, with budgets being strategically spent.

Campaign optimization:

Account optimization is an ongoing and iterative process. Campaigns are continually evaluated, leveraging the success metrics defined earlier in the process to evaluate performance.

Here are a few of the daily activities Red Bridge Media employs to optimize campaigns

  • Eliminate waste: It’s expected that certain keywords, ad groups, and ad creatives will not perform well. Red Bridge Media utilizes best in practice tools and analysis to identify and make the appropriate correction.
  • Expand on success: Red Bridge Media quickly identifies the keywords, ad groups, and campaigns that perform well. When identified, varying opportunities are identified and employed to increase and expand the things that work.
  • Expand to other channels & mediums: When Red Bridge Media campaigns start turning a solid profit, expansion to other channels and mediums becomes important. Red Bridge Media is experienced with the biggest search engines and has direct relationships to enable success in all channels.

Free online marketing analysis:

Red Bridge Media employs search marketing’s best practices and processes. Our campaigns consistently and regularly outperform the competition. If you’d like to discuss how Red Bridge Media can help your business grow, email us at